Using Pictures on your Blog

If your using pictures on your blog here are #5 tips that could come in handy.

#1. Dont use pictures of yourself and if you do dont give out the names of the people in the photo. If you do random people can find out all of your details which is very dangerous.

#2.Dont use copyrighted pictures or photos, because the reason why some photos are copyrighted is because the publisher doesent want other people to use thier piece of work.

#3.You can use only some photos of the internet that are subjected to Creative Commons. If you find and use a CC (creative commons) you must give credit to the person who took the photo or made the picture.

#2.Use photos or pictures that would suit the colour or theme of your blog. This will make your blog look neat instead of messy.

#1.Take this advise wisely!

How to make your blog look better

Do you want to know how to make your blog look better! Great, because I have some wonderful ideas that would make your blog look ten times greater!

First. You should have and interesting, colourful or eye-catching theme. If you do this it will make your page look like a million dollars!

Second. Having lots of widgets on your side bar. If you do this it should make you blog look like you have a lot of time put into your blog.

Third. Make sure that you blog doesn’t have any HTML codes instead of widgets and that your that your posts are easy to read and are not to bright.

So thats how you can maintain a 100% looking blog that everyone will want to visit!

If you came to where I live…

If you came to where I live these are the top 5 things you have to see are:

#5. The warm days. If you came to port stephens you would explode from some of the days we have here. The hottest day that I personaly recorded was about 42 degrees!

#4. The beaches. If you came to port stephens you would be b-dazzled and your eyes would go on holidays, because the beaches are so stunning that some people practically live on them!

#3.The skatepark. If you came to where I live you would find that there is not only one skatepark, but two! so there is a bit of a variety to choose form if you a scooter or skatebooard fanatic. you came to where I live you find that the fishing is great. I especially like fishing with my friends. 

#1.My friends. If you came to where I live you would find that there are a bunch of awesome kids that take up a spot in my life as friends.

When is it appropriate for students to use real photos of themselves?

Well from my opinion it is never OK for students to post pictures of themselves for safety reasons and stuff like that, but some people or teachers might have a different opinion on that and that’s OK, because people are aloud to have their own opinion on things, but it just wouldn’t feel right if I put my own portrait on the Internet for billions of people to see. That is dangerous, because there are alot of bad in the world let a lone the Internet. So that is why it should never be appropriate for students to post their portraits on to the internet.

My Holiday to Cairns

Everybody in my class is doing a post on the our schools fete, unfortunately I didn’t make it to the fete, but fortunately I was in Cairns on a fishing trip with my mates and their dads, NO GIRLS! It was awesome fun on a boat fishing and snorkeling along the Great Barrier Reef. We saw all sorts of fish like clown fish, dory, sharks and these tiny little fluro blue fish that would weave in and out of the awesome looking coral. We also saw huge groups of bat fish that would get no closer then 3cm from your face and we were able to get a feel of them too. Now for the swimming side of things. It was EPIC swimming in 2m deep water and jumping of the 25ft fly bridge the only bad part about that was you get a wedgie and the salt water stinging your nose as it rushes up your nostrils.

I haven’t told you about the fishing side of things yet have I? Well it was just as good as the swimming, because I caught the most fish on the boat (I even caught more then the adults). There was also a giant groper that swallowed a 50cm fish whole! and its mouth was bigger then the bottom of a garbage can too. It was 3M long and 50cm wide, HUGE!!

My holiday to Cairns was a once in a lilfe time experience with my dad, I hope I can do it again.

♂My Dad is the best Dad♂

My dad is the best dad that ever walked the earth. This is because he can do everything except fly, but I think he’s learning to do that at the moment. My dad loves me, but he doesn’t smother me.


My dad is EPIC, because he can stay at home with me, but he’s not at home so much that I get sick of him. My dad has set a goal in life to try and give me everything and take me everywhere, like he’s taking me to Cairns(via Lizard Island and Great Barrier Reef) On a fishing trip. He’s renovating a new house with me when we get back from Cairns too. My dad absolutely needs every quality so that he can show me how to do them.

My dad has an awesome sense of humour and shows me lots of love,

This is why myy dad is the most awesome dad that ever walked the earth!!

Cool Maths Games

Cool Maths Games is a fun site with a variety of maths games from ones that involve strategy to logic thinking. I recommend that children from grade 3 to grade 12. Some of my favourite games on this website and some that I recommend are: Bloons tower defence III, boombot I, boombot II and bloxorz. The first game is BTD3 (bloons tower defence), this game is pure AWESOME!! There are 4 tracks and 3 levels of hardness. I have only beaten it on easy when things are cheaper and there aren’t as many balloons. The second is boombot I. You use bombs to move a small guy around the map and the exact same with boombot II. The third is Bloxorz it’s the  most AWESOME game.

Hunter GATS Camp

Last week Me, Kane and Griffin went to the GATS Camp. It’s in the same place as the Morisset camp that I went to the week before! It was sort of the same except we didn’t do all of the things that we did before, because I had been accepted for one of four electives. There was literacy, numeracy, visual arts and science. I was elected for literacy, Kane was in science and Griffin was in numeracy. We also thought that we would be in the same cabin, but we were spread out in different cabins. So that meant we got to meet new friends. I met a boy called Rhys, he was funny and I also met a boy called Harry who I have clashed with in footy! The first camp activity literacy did was archery. I missed once and got two points then I got four points, but some people got a BULLSEYE!

When I was learning about literacy we did a lot of work on Allegory. Allegory is a story that uses chracters and animals to symbolise Government or something like that, and I wrote an Allegorical piece on The Nazis, using mice to sybolise polish people and snakes to symbolise The Nazis.

The second activity we did was actually NOTHING, because it was raining cats and dogs. So we got to do county fair, AGAIN!! Which was really cool.

The third actvity was The GIANT SWING!!! I went right to the very top, again, so I yanked the little green ball and I went flying and on the third swing back and fourth I let go and It felt like was really flying!!

Then our literacy teacher left and we did drama, because that was part of the literacy elective. We did puppet shows. Some of them were really, really, really funny.

The fourth and last activity that I did was high ropes. I didn’t think I would be that good, but I went really well.

GATS camp was awesome!!

Morisset Camp

Last Week (T3W1) Stage 3 went to Morisset for a stage camp. First we loaded up both buses with all of our luggage and then loaded up the buses with all the children and teachers. It took an hour and a half to reach the destination. When the buses pulled up in the car pack we unloaded the bus dumped our luggage and raced to the meeting hall to find out who our group leaders would be, who would be in our group, what number room we would be in and who would be accompanying us in our rooms. Well here’s my group and room information: Group 3 with Ozzie and room two with Sam, Kane, Caleb, Dylan and Cohen. I know what you’re thinking to yourself, who’s Ozzie? Well Ozzie is my group instructor and he was a ranga and was proud of it. One day he came with a badge with ‘Sir Ranga’ written in orange.

There were many challenges we did at camp including: low ropes, high ropes, flying fox, canoing, orienteering and the giant swing. My favourite activity was The Giant Swing. It went 14.5 metres in the air and the scary thing was that YOU had to pull a rope that disconnected you from the line and swung you 14.5 metres at the ground, but it’s a swing so you didn’t touch the ground. Camp was great I hope can experience it again!